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Rififi, Athens

Favorite restaurant in Eksarchia
The best in the list of Value for Money Restaurants

Rififi restaurant has been for a decade in business. This restaurant has succeeded in staying all the way in the top of the list of the “classics”.

Quality and finesse have always been a priority and the frequent change of mouthwatering selection of specialties has given its loyal clientele the chance to enjoy often something new, while the classic dishes which were loved over the years remain always a special choice!

Being oriented from the beginning to create unique flavors, Rififi's cuisine combines high-quality ingredients, interesting recipes while offering affordable prices; Some of the dishes seem to have "won the gold award" from the restaurant's regulars, among those are the “pork neck” - which is being cooked for 12 hours, the handmade papadells or the small filled organic vine leaves made with a traditional recipe.

Rififi restaurant is a fine choice not only for lunch but also for an evening dinner. Smoke free dining room in the air-conditioned indoors reastaurant. Smoking area outside where tables are in open area.

Emmanouil Benaki 69 and Vatletsiou str., Eksarchia, Athens

Phone: + 30 2210 3300237
Email: info@rififi-restaurant.gr
Website: www.rififi-restaurant.gr








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